Report an inappropriate Business Profile

When you find inappropriate content on a Business Profile, you can report that content. Different kinds of content have different steps.


Incorrect information

To report incorrect information on a business's profile or site, reach out directly to that business. You can find their contact information or address on their profile.



To report an inappropriate image:

  1. Click the image.
  2. Click the Flag GMB report abuse flag icon.
    • If you don't find a flag, click More Three-dot menu vertical and then Report abuse.


To report an inappropriate review:
  1. Click the review.
  2. Click More Three-dot menu vertical and then Flag as inappropriate.


To report a profile as spam, use this form.

Solicitation of confidential information

To report malicious requests for confidential information against our policies, use this form.

Sexually explicit material

To report profiles with sexually explicit material, use this form.

Legal, personal, dangerous & other issues

Dangerous activities, hate speech, harassment, or illegal activities 

To report profiles with dangerous activities, hate speech, harassment, or illegal activities, use this form.

Personal or confidential information

To report profiles with personal or confidential information, use this form.

Legal issues

To report a legal issue, use this tool.
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